KineMaster Prime Apk Download 2024 [Fully Unlocked + No Watermark]

KineMaster Prime Apk Download 2023 [Fully Unlocked + No Watermark]

Kinemaster Prime Apk is another app for professional video editing. As this is a premium and professional app, it comes with a subscription fee. But we provide premium and latest version of Kinemaster Prime Apk to all absolutely free of cost. This is a modified apk to fully unlock all pro features.

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Android 6 and Higher

Kinemaster prime app is a compact pro video editor. So download the latest version of this Pro and Fully Unlocked Mod Apk without watermark.

The latest version of Kinemaster Prime APK download has no watermark, no ads, and full access to all resources and full premium membership without any ads.

kinemaster prime

The Pro version includes a video editor that you can use to personalize your footage. Video cameras are everywhere now, and people like to make clips wherever they go. Video making has become a serious creative profession and people are responding positively. The latest version, Kinemaster Prime App Download, lets you record videos with better filters, transitions, gorgeous themes, and more.

You’ll need to create your video using your mobile device, as this release is only for android and iOS smartphones. Creating high-quality photos takes time and effort. If, however, you use the latest version of Kinemaster Prime, you can easily create videos like a professional editor.

Features of Kinemaster Prime Apk

kinemaster prime apk

It has many premium features, some of which are no watermarks in your exported projects, a fully unlocked chroma key, a volume envelope, and more. So, to download the latest version of Kinemaster Prime Apk for free of cost just click on download button.

There are many features of this amazing apk. Some of which are;

No watermark in kinemaster prime app


If a ‘Kinemaster’ watermark or logo appears in your project, a sense of professionalism is not reflected. But in this apk you will not find any such watermark because it is completely unlocked and premium apk.

Chroma key in Kinemaster Prime app

Green screen effect or chroma key is considered a high-value feature of any pro video editing APK. Luckily, the Kinemaster Prime app has this feature. With this app you can edit background of any video. Simply select the background video via the Media Browser, then place another video over it via the Layer option in the Featured panel.


You can identify imperfections in the chroma effect of a layer’s background by increasing or decreasing the Show Mask feature because the Show Mask feature is similar to the Negative feature in a photo filter. The Detail Curve gives you a graphical representation of the effect applied to the layer. While the Key Color option lets you select the key color of the layer to be retained after application of the effect.

Volume control in Kinemaster Prime app

There is a pitch feature in the Kinemaster Prime app. Raising the pitch of the clip will create a fainter, weaker sound. But the lower the pitch, the stronger the sound will be. While audio filters (voice changer) have some amazing effects like modulation, chipmunk, robot and deep. On the other hand, the Volume Envelope feature allows you to increase or decrease the volume level at any point in the clip.

Color Adjustment in the Kinemaster Prime App

You can adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast of media files. You can also apply color filters to beautify your project.

Clip Editing

With Trim & Split feature, you can trim and split any clip respectively. But both will work depending on the position of the playhead (the pointer on the master track).


Various effects can be applied to a layer, including:

  • overlay animation
  • stickers
  • Special Effects (FX)
  • Basic lesson
  • Change

voice recorder

You can record live voice which can be used in your project.

camcorder / camera

You can record video or take live photos that can be used in your project.

Customizable Project Settings

  1. Fade in audio effect

Initially, the volume level will increase gradually and its duration is customizable, which can reach a maximum of 15 seconds.

2. Audio fade out effect

Eventually, the volume level will gradually decrease. Its duration can also be increased up to a maximum of 15 seconds.

3. Video fade in effect

This effect will gradually increase the brightness of the video.

4. Video fade out effect

The brightness of the video will gradually decrease.

Default project photo duration

Any photo you upload through the media browser in the Featured panel will have a default duration of about 6 seconds. Although you can change it to a maximum of 15 seconds. The playhead can also be used to extend the duration.

Project default layer duration

Any photo, video, effect, animation, or sticker you upload through the Layers option in the Highlights panel will have a default duration of 6 seconds. Although you can change it. But, it has a maximum time limit of 15 seconds.

Project default photo crop

Ken Burns – This is the default setting that detects live faces in clips or images.

Fit Screen – This will maintain the aspect ratio of the image.

Fill Screen: This will crop the image.

Speed Control

You can increase or decrease the speed of the clip with this feature. It can be increased to a maximum of 1.5x and can be decreased to a maximum of 0.25x.


With this feature you can rotate the photo or video.


This will create the effect of reversing the clip.

Bullet point

This will create a blackout effect at the edges of the image or clip.


You can Duplicate your project to save a copy of it to avoid any possible data loss.

Shareable project

You can share your final project on social media platforms like facebook, youtube, google plus etc.


Thus, you can export your project in different resolutions and qualities like Full HD, High Definition, Medium Quality or Low Quality.

Difference Between Kinemaster Prime Apk and Other Kinemaster Mod Apk?

Asset Store is not available on Kinemaster Prime Apk and Blu Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk. But it is present in Kinemaster Gold Apk, Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk, Green Kinemaster Pro Apk, Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk, Black Kinemaster Mod Apk and Kinemaster Lite Apk.

It has a project selection feature which is absent in Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk and Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk.

However, it does not have the aspect ratio customization feature like Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk and Kinemaster Diamond Mod Apk.

How to Install Kinemaster Prime Apk (Without Watermark) on Android

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and 7.0 (Nougat)

Please follow the procedure given below:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Lock screen & security

Step 2: Enable > Unknown Sources > It will show a warning message, tap on ‘OK’.

Note: In some browsers, the “Do you trust this file?” or “This may damage your phone.” Note that any Android file with an .apk extension that hasn’t been installed through the Google Play Store will always give a formal warning. Just click “Download Anyway”. Because we have verified it and it does not store or sell any personal data.

3rd Step: So, now click on above download button for Kinemaster Prime APK file and install it and that’s it.

Android 8.0 and above

This method is applicable to Android 8.0 Oreo, Android 9.0 Pie, Android 10, 11, and 12.

Step 1 – Go to Apps > Click on the three dots on the top right corner > Tap on Special Access.

Step 2: Now select “Install unknown apps”. Now a list of apps will appear from where you can select any app and then enable “Allow from this source”. For example, if you are browsing and want to download the Kinemaster Prime app through Google Chrome on your phone. Just select “Google Chrome” from the list of apps and then enable the “Allow from this source” option.

Step 3: So, now click on above download button for Kinemaster Prime APK file and install it.

Also Check –

Installing Kinemaster Prime App on Windows PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)

For this APK file to work on Windows, you will need an emulator (a software where you can install and operate APK file as Android system)

  • Download any android emulator like bluestacks or memu play.Then download the Kinemaster Prime APK file from the above download link.
  • In BlueStacks, go to Media Manager and then import the downloaded Kinemaster Prime Apk file.
  • While in Memu Play, go to the right panel, click on the APK option, and then Import APK file.
  • Enjoy setup file.

Some things to remember: The emulator has very large files and therefore will almost double in size after installation.

Installing Kinemaster Prime App on Mac/MacBook

  • You’ll follow the same steps described in the Windows PC installation section.
  • Download any Android emulator like NOXPlayer or BlueStacks and it will act as a healthy Android system.
  • Then you need to import the downloaded Kinemaster Prime APK file on the emulator. Settings may vary depending on the emulator.

How to Install Kinemaster Prime Apk 2023 [Fully Unlocked + No Watermark] ?

  1. Tap on the downloaded Kinemaster Prime Apk 2023 [Fully Unlocked + No Watermark] apk file.
  2. Touch Install.
  3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kinemaster Prime Apk a user-friendly application?

It has a user-friendly and beautiful interface that can be used not only by professionals but also by amateurs.

Is Kinemaster Prime Apk harmful to android?

No, it is not in any way harmful to androids. It does not store your personal information and is thus not involved in the sale of the data.

Is Kinemaster Prime Apk good for YouTube?

Yes, it is good for YouTube and all other social media platforms as well.

Is Kinemaster Pro/Prime worth it?

Kinemaster works on phones, tablets and chromebooks. Its powerful, effective and practical capabilities allow users to creatively edit videos with ease. worth it.

How to download Kinemaster Prime?

Please read the above guide and download the app on your device.


These are all the steps to download and install Kinemaster Prime APK. Hope you finally get the pro app on your device. Use all the features mentioned above and share your review below. If you have any questions regarding the above guide, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thanks for your visit

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