How to Export 4K 60 FPS Video in Kinemaster 2024

Are you looking to export high-quality 4K 60 fps video in Kinemaster? This video editing app has become increasingly popular due to its user-friendly interface and wide range of features. However, many users struggle with exporting videos at such high quality.

Export 4K 60FPS Videos in Kinemaster

If you want to enhance your video editing skills and create stunning high-quality 4K 60 fps videos, you’ve come to the right place. In this ultimate guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough to export 4K 60 fps video in Kinemaster.

We’ll cover everything from adjusting the settings to optimizing your workflow, so that you can create beautiful videos with ease. Get ready to take your video editing skills to the next level!

But first, if you’re new to this page, you might be wondering, does Kinemaster actually offer 4K functionality? Or what is Kinemaster Premiere Pro.

So, before we get started straight away – let’s uncover some surprising details about Kinemaster.

Depending on your system configuration, Kinemaster can support up to 4k resolution video. When you export a video, you are asked to select your desired settings for resolution, frame rate (FPS), and bitrate. The more you select these items, the better quality video Kinemaster will export.

Some users want to export their edited videos in 4k resolution at 60 fps quality but Kinemaster doesn’t show these settings in their smartphone. If you are also facing this problem on your iPhone or Android device, then this guide will tell you how to fix it and enable 4K video with 60 fps support on Kinemaster app.

If we think of smartphone video editors, the first thing we can think of is Kinemaster. Kinemaster brings you the best Android and iPhone video editing experience. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that the Kinemaster is the smartphone-like version of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Kinemaster will allow up to 4k resolution video depending on device settings. You’ll need to choose the resolution, fps, and bit-rate settings when exporting the file. The more of these items you select, the better the resolution video exported by Kinemaster.

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Understanding the Basics of Export 4K 60 FPS Video in Kinemaster

4K 60 FPS video is the latest trend in the video industry. They provide an incredibly immersive experience and allow you to see every detail in your footage. However, creating 4K 60 FPS video is not as easy as recording video with your camera.

Before you make a video, you need to understand the basics of 4K 60 FPS video. 4K refers to the resolution of the video, which is four times the resolution of 1080p HD. This means that the video will be incredibly sharp and clear. 60 fps refers to the number of frames per second in a video. This means video will be incredibly smooth and capture every detail in motion.

However, producing 4K 60 FPS video requires a lot of processing power and storage space. You’ll need a powerful computer and plenty of storage space to create and store these types of videos. Additionally, you will need to make sure that your camera is capable of recording 4K 60 FPS video.

Once you understand the basics of 4K 60 FPS video, you can start creating your own.

Adjusting the Settings for Export 4K 60 FPS Video in Kinemaster

How to Export 4K 60 FPS Video in Kinemaster 2023

Adjusting the settings in Kinemaster to export 4K 60 FPS video is essential to ensure that your final video is of the highest quality.

First, you need to make sure that your project settings are set to 4K resolution.

This can be done by clicking on the “Settings” button and selecting “Project Settings”. From here, you can select the resolution you want to use.

Next, you need to adjust the frame rate to 60 FPS.

This is important if you want your video to look smooth and seamless. You can do this by going back to the “Settings” button and selecting “Video Quality.” From here, you can choose the frame rate you want to use. It is also important to adjust the bitrate settings.

Bitrate settings determine the amount of data used to create your video. The higher the bitrate, the better the quality of your video, but also the larger its file size.

You can adjust the bitrate settings by going to the “Settings” button and selecting “Export Settings.” Here, you can select the bitrate you want to use.

Finally, you need to choose the right video format to export your 4K 60 FPS video. There are many different formats to choose from, but the most common are MP4, MOV, and AVI.

You can choose the video format by going to the “Settings” button and selecting “Export Settings”. From here, you can choose the video format you want to use.

By adjusting these settings in Kinemaster, you can create stunning 4K 60 fps videos that are sure to impress your viewers.

With these tips, you’ll be able to export videos that are not only visually stunning but also optimized for the best possible playback quality.

Enable 4K Video Resolution in Kinemaster

There is a feature in the Kinemaster app that runs an analysis to check your phone’s compatibility and then configures the Kinemaster app to support 4k video quality. Kinemaster has two modes: Layer Mode High Resolution Mode.

If this is set to Layer Mode, your Kinemaster app will support more video layers in the editor but this may reduce the ability to export video at higher resolutions.

Layer Mode is the default setting for the Kinemaster app. Then change the high resolution to “no frame shaping” and you may not have problems with 4k output.

Here’s how Kinemaster works with high resolution options:

  • First install Kinemaster from the app store of your choice.
  • Open the Kinemaster settings by clicking on the Settings icon (gear icon).
  • Device compatibility information can be found under Information.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the menu button.
  • Here is the option of HD mode. Will be a default layer mode. Select High Resolution from the drop down menu. That is all.

If you unlock the option in Kinemaster, you’ll find that you can then export in 4K with the 60fps setting.

Verify And Check your phone compatibility

If you are unable to export video in 4K, it is clear that your phone is not compatible with KineMaster’s 4K video export setting.

However, still – just to be sure, you can check the compatibility of your device by running a manual analysis.

The Kinemaster feature is integrated, which also helps you verify your phone’s compatibility and do a manual review. Here’s the process to find your device’s compatibility

  • Open the KineMaster app on your Android phone.
  • A new Settings gear icon will appear.
  • Click on Device capability information.
  • The maximum export quality quota can be found here in the Edit and Share box of the Kinemaster app for your smartphone.
  • The analysis can be re-run. To run the study, all you have to do is click on the menu button with the three dots. It will take time to complete the analysis successfully.

Once the process is complete, the results can be viewed in the Edit and Share box. If your phone can display 2160p video, it works fine with Kinemaster, otherwise not.

You can’t edit 4k video on a phone that doesn’t support 4k export. It is possible to try to transfer your project to another Android phone which is compatible with 4k video export.

Clear cached data from the Kinemaster app

Sometimes Kinemaster has trouble exporting 4k movies due to internal errors. The easiest way to fix this is to clear the cache in Kinemaster. It’s easy enough to do this:

Export 60FPS Videos in Kinemaster
  • Your Android Settings app will now appear.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Find and open Kinemaster.
  • Go to storage.
  • Now tap on the Clear Data button.
  • Click OK to confirm this.

After clearing the cache of the Kinemaster app, run a device compatibility scan. While your cached data is accurate, it will not make all your saved settings and downloaded files available, but it will not affect your saved projects in any way.

Update Kinemaster App

You might be using an older version of the Kinemaster app which does not support 4k video resolution. In this case, you should try to update the Kinemaster app on your phone.

You can update it from the App Store (Google Play Store on Android and Apple App Store on iPhone/iOS). Also, try clearing the cached data of the app and run the device compatibility scan again on the Kinemaster app.

Export 4k 60fps Video In Kinemaster

If you don’t know how to export your project in 4k video quality at 60 fps, this step-by-step guide will help you:

  • Open the Kinemaster app on your device.
  • Click on the project you want to export.
  • Now tap on the Share button and it will take you to the Export & Share window.
  • Under Resolution, choose UHD 2160p. Select the frame rate as 60 and move the bit rate to the maximum by sliding it to the right.
  • Once you have selected all the export settings, tap on the Export button. That is all.

We have tried our best to help you fix 4k video export problem on Kinemaster app. I hope this helped you.

If you still have any issues, please share them in the comments below.

Before you leave this page, be sure to check out other useful tutorials on our website. Stay tuned with us for more exciting updates.

Troubleshooting tips when exporting 4K 60 FPS videos in Kinemaster.

Exporting 4K 60 FPS videos in Kinemaster can sometimes be a bit tricky. There are some common problems that people encounter when exporting videos, but luckily there are some troubleshooting tips that can help you overcome them.

First, you need to make sure that you have enough storage space on your device. Exporting high-quality videos can take up a lot of space, so it’s important to have enough storage available to complete the export process.

You should also make sure that you have a stable internet connection, as this can affect the speed of the export process.

Another problem that people may encounter is quality loss in the exported video. To avoid this, be sure to export the video at the highest possible quality settings.

You should also check your video settings to make sure the video is using the correct codec and bitrate.

Finally, if you’re still having trouble exporting your video, you can try closing other apps on your device to free up memory and processing power.

You can also try restarting your device before trying to export the video again.

By following these troubleshooting tips, you should be able to successfully export high-quality 4K 60 FPS videos in Kinemaster without any issues.


The purpose of today’s post is to give you How to Export 4K 60 FPS Video in Kinemaster App.

We have tried our best to help you fix 4k video export problem on Kinemaster app. I hope this helped you. If you still have any issues, please share them in the comments below.

Before you leave this page, be sure to check out other useful tutorials on our website. Stay tuned with us for more exciting updates.

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